So let's say you don't do that. Instead, you work with your agency to build what's probably the first-ever-sorta-photo-booth-thing-that-instead-of-a-camera-uses-real-life-artists-to-take-your-picture.

Debuting at the 2015 Providence International Arts Festival, hundreds of art lovers and hipsters and moms and dads and kids happily waited in line to get their portraits done. Onlookers cheered when each painting was finished. People like you and me went home with larger-than-life original art. For free. And for a little while, tens of thousands of us thought about our bodies and our bones and how we move, and a certain orthopedic surgery practice that’s the best around.

Best of all, our not-so-little booth thing is actually modular and mobile, which means we’ve taken it on the road to four festivals and counting. Which is not even a little lame-ass.

That’s just the latest. Check back soon for more.